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How would you like to wake up in the morning feeling...

  • clear and confident about your business and where it’s going

  • knowing the exact, client-magnetizing services, products or programs you offer

  • confidence that the prices of your programs are spot on and feel great

  • relaxed because you have a clear revenue plan for the year that’s achievable

In the past 5 years, I have worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs to help them build

successful, soul aligned businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

One of the most common things I hear from the people I work with is that they feel:

  • unsure about what products/services/programs they should offer

  • confused about how they should price their offerings

  • stressed out about money because they aren’t keeping track of it well

  • worried that they don’t have the ability to set up  the right structures in place

to attract their ideal clients and truly set their business up for success.

I get it (I used to feel the same way for the first 2 years of my business).

As a creative and soul-drive business owner, anything that had to do with revenue planning, tracking numbers, or any type of logistics made my brain fog up and my eyes glaze over.

But everything changed for me when I sat down to actually plan my year, financially

and logistically.  Suddenly I noticed I was more creative than ever and that I had

doubled my income--best of all I was no longer struggling.

I had finally created the structures in my business that allowed for MORE abundance

in my business, because for the first time ever, I was clear on my plan for the year.

When you’re clear on your plan, the steps to get there become crystal clear.

Normally I have taught my personal planning process ONLY to VIP 1:1 clients (who pay me $25,000 and above)  and participants of my super-exclusive Rise Mastermind™ (a $7k program)--and when I do, it blows their mind every time!

But this year I’ve decided to open up my VISUALIZE™ workshop just once,

to a small group of 25 soul-driven business owners.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for VISUALIZE™:

  • All of the revenue planning worksheets that I personally use to plan my year for success and abundance.

  • A clear plan for determining what services/products or programs you should offer so  that your offerings truly reflect the soul of your brand.

  • Live coaching on your budget and revenue plan for the year

  • My super effective pricing method--that allows you to price your offerings in a way that feels good to you and that magnetizes high quality, ideal clients to you.

  • A few of my fun tricks I use to manifest money quickly when I need it.

  • BONUS: On the spot, 3 minute website reviews to maximize your profit & traffic.


  • You already have an inkling or idea of what you want to offer, but just need a little help on what to pick or knowing what would be the most effective suite of offerings for your business

  • You are ready to get more organized with your finances in your business

  • You are motivated, coachable and are open to guidance

  • You are determined to make 2015 your year to get organized and confident in your biz

  • You love being in a group environment and learning from others


  • You think you’ve “heard it all” already and aren’t open to being coached

  • You don’t like being in a group of motivated business owners

  • You like to bring the energy of a group down with negativity & hopelessness

  • You’d rather stick to your beliefs that you’ll “never make it” or that “it’s too hard” than consider that the possibilities are endless and there’s always something to learn

There are only 25 spots available for the VISUALIZE™ workshop.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, March 28th from 12pm EST to 3pm EST

If you have a conflict with the workshop date and time--it doesn’t matter--the entire workshop will be recorded and you will still receive all of my templates.

A common way to self-sabotage is to say “oh I have a conflict, so I can’t attend”.

You won’t miss a thing if you cannot attend live--you will still receive all the materials.

I will not be offering this workshop again, so sign up regardless of whether you are on live or listen to the recording, the experience will be the same and you will receive all the materials.

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